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Oxyplants is promoted by 30 + years technically well experienced Engineering professionals in Cryogenic Technology.

Oxyplants India Pvt Ltd is located in Bangalore, India professionally engaged in R & D, Design, manufacture and sales of Cryogenic type Air Separation Units (ASU) producing high purity Oxygen/Nitrogen Gas Plants ranging from 30 M³/Hr to 800 M³/Hr.

OXYPLANTS have supplied and Erected & Commissioned Many Oxygen & Nitrogen Gas Plant and Dissolved Acetylene Gas Plants in INDIA & OVERSEAS. Like Egypt, Bangladesh, Congo, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Somali Land, Turkey, Yemen, Mauritania etc.

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The process adopted to produce oxygen and nitrogen is called liquefaction and fractional distillation of air inside the air separation unit.

Oxyplants Dissolved Acetylene Generator is stationary carbide to water automatic generator. Acetylene is generated as a result...

After Sales Services

We have Qualified & Experienced technical team to assist our customers during any difficulty in the plant operations. We keep sufficient stock of Spares at our works to enable us to serve the customers on time.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Company under take Annual Maintenance for the Repairs/Maintenance of the plant. Annual maintenance contracts outlining regular check-ups and routine work to regulate the performance and quality output will be the core area of our field services division.

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